Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on May 19 '24

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The Australian Dollar shows a bullish pattern against the US Dollar, maintaining a strong upward momentum on both weekly and daily time frames. The triangle pattern formation suggests a possible continuation of the bullish trend, with key resistance levels to watch at 0.6732 and 0.6900.

AUD/USD Technical Analysis on May 19 '24


The Swiss Franc against JPY presents a slightly bearish outlook in the short term. While the weekly chart shows support zones that suggest an upward potential, daily and four-hourly charts indicate possible pullbacks due to bearish divergences and resistance challenges.

CHF/JPY Technical Analysis on May 19 '24


The British Pound is showing a downward trend against the New Zealand Dollar, with significant resistance faced at higher levels. The weekly outlook appears bearish, with potential declines towards major support levels. Short-term bounce opportunities may present themselves, but the overall trend remains downward.

GB /NZD Technical Analysis on May 19 '24

XAU/USD (Gold):

Gold continues its strong bullish momentum, targeting higher highs with no significant signs of reversal. Key levels to watch are 2500 and 2560 as potential targets in the coming period, based on Fibonacci extensions and ongoing bullish sentiment in the market.

XAU/USD Technical Analysis on May 19 '24

HSI (Hang Seng Index):

The Hang Seng Index is demonstrating strong bullish indicators with a potential to reach significant psychological levels around 22,500. Short-term corrections might occur around the 20,000 mark, offering opportunities to join the upward trend on dips.

HSI Technical Analysis on May 19 '24

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