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Moneytize is built on the strong institutional foundation of market learning and exposure led by Nikkhil, the co-founder and principal mentor of the project. He brings with him an engrossing 10+ years of experience in the financial markets that has helped hundreds of trade aspirants and practitioners to accomplish their investment journeys and goals.

Over the years, Nikkhil has been taking investment training classes and mentoring sessions to help traders proficiently and profitably deal in Forex, Crypto, and Stocks. At Moneytize, we put in precisely planned course curriculums and training programs to follow a learning procedure to instill the best subject understanding and trading skills gaining the real-world market perspective in a hyper-connected learning environment.

With Moneytize Courses, you get the frontline advantage of multi-tier modular learning to help you learn the tricks, techniques, and nuances of the trade at length.

Nikkhil Malhotra - Chief Analyst, Moneytize
Nikkhil Malhotra - Chief Analyst, Moneytize

We are based out of Dubai, and provide live classroom sessions and pre-recorded lessons for remote learners who can't join the classes at our location.  Enquire about the session or book your coaching slot

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Interactive curriculum-based learning to get a stronghold of technical patterns, fundamental analysis, and market sentiments to learn how to trade profitably and abundantly!

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I have actually enjoyed the course it focused more on practical things rather than theories. What i love mostly is that is showed me how to combine instruments to create strategies. I am now more cable and i do actually understand entry and exact points. The calculations are much more understandable as well. The course was really enjoyable. I enjoyed it a lot i would definitely get level 2 after a bit m
Rodha Al Haj
This is my level 2 with Moneytize and once again team Moneytize proved to be worth the experience. Me as a beginner started off with Level 1, with Nikhil sir's support and guidance, I was able to successfully kick start my trading journey. Level 2 had in-depth insights and now I have the confidence to place my trades based on price action. Thanks to Nikhil Sir, I was able to opt for a $ 50k MFF prop firm-funded account and pass phase 2 in 4 days (12 trades) looking forward to enrolling in Level 3!!!
Ahmed Sheros
After finishing level 1 I was entirely sure to continue the study and finally finished level 2. In reality, they were indeed very informative classes that I ever had as learned more workable strategies to be successful in trading. I believe that in the future all this knowledge will move me forward and lead me to become really successful trader especially in Forex
Nurlan Avtandil
Completed Intermediate session with Nikhil this week and it has made me a more confident trader. His techniques are really effective and curtail the risk while ensuring profit can be earned even if u have some losses along the way. The best part is you can consult with Nikhil even after the sessions are over and he takes out time to review your queries and respond with reasoning. Don't believe any other coaches out there do this. Thanks Nikhil and Shipra.
Sameer Baseer
I studied forex beginner course here in moneytize and then forex intermediate level course as well...Whatever you say is less about Nikkhil sir...he teaches you with so much perfection that you go home and start applying the same strategies in the live market...Nikkhil sir teaching gives learning and confidence to become a successful trader... Even after the course whatever doubts you have Nikkhil sir always come forward and guide you.... Perfect teaching and perfect teacher .... I will always be very thankful to Nikkhil sir and the team for so much support 🙏... Highly recommended 👍..no doubt
Adarsh Singh
Once again Nikkhil blew my mind during the level 2 course with very advanced knowledge and techniques. Although the techniques are very complex Nikkhil explained them in a very easy and clear way. Given homework assignments are perfect way to learn through my own mistakes and keep myself on track. I really enjoy learning with this excellent teacher and will come back for level 3 soon.
Agnieszka Chojnacka
My journey overall with the Forex Trading Course has been Interesting Knowledgeable and most importantly PROFITABLE!! After my first and second level courses I went back to practice what I had learned in class, honestly speaking as I have a background in forex trading, level 1 wasn’t that profitable and only knowledgeable as it was the basics being taught but when it came to level 2 my whole trading strategy and technique changed for the best. I got an 80% success rate with the level 2 techniques I had learned which encouraged me to come for the level 3 advanced courses. Looking at level 3, it will need practice as “practice makes perfect” but I can say that once you master all the strategies and techniques you learn from Mr. Nikkhil at Moneytize from levels 1 - 3, you can be one successful trader with a success rate of 80 - 90%
Meet Gandecha
I found the courses very easy to understand. The teacher explained in a simple way, and it helped me to clarify all my doubts in trading and feel free to ask any questions that I had.. I am more confident in trading now. Truly recommend Moneytize Courses!
It is a very interesting course. Very accommodative and will love to take the next level. Nikkhil is really professional and knowledgeable.
Masna Sidabutar
People think that good traders are like psycho, don’t have feelings bla bla bla. Here at Moneytize we learn to build an efficient algorithm that INCREASES the probability for every trade we make, we learn to do it and there is no place for emotions. Just math and analysis
Aliodor Alexa
I was searching all over the internet and finally found MONEYTIZE and met Mr. Nikkhil. He taught me the techniques and the language of trading very patiently, and more importantly he explained money management to me. Now I am very confident in my trading. So, I am very happy, he’s definitely someone very trustworthy with his knowledge of trading. He’s the best person in the field.
Sanober Abdulla

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