Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on 7th April '24

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Stocks to Watch:

Nikkhil begins this week’s analysis with a detailed examination of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and Amazon, dissecting their current trajectories and potential pivot points. AMD's navigation around the Fibonacci extension levels suggests a temporary dip with a bullish outlook, while Amazon's V-shaped recovery and Fibonacci extension analysis indicate a steady ascent. We anticipate a compelling mix of buy signals and strategic entry points for the discerning trader.

AMD Technical Analysis on Apr 7 '24

Forex Foresight:

The Euro vs. Australian Dollar (EUR/AUD) pairing presents a narrative of peaks and troughs, influenced by Fibonacci retracement levels and a hint of bearish divergence. This currency story predicts a downward trend, recommending a strategy of selling on the rise. Brace yourself for a move that could potentially redefine your Forex playbook.

EUR/AUD Technical Analysis on Apr 7 '24

Crypto Quick Look:

Avalanche (AVAX) against the US Dollar introduces a crypto twist to our analysis, with Fibonacci extensions outlining potential pullbacks and bullish continuations. As the market hovers on the brink of resistance levels, the expectation of a breakthrough has never been more palpable. The goal? A bullish journey to unprecedented heights.

AVAX/USD Technical Analysis on Apr 7 '24

Gold's Strong Upward Trend:

Gold, our ever-reliable ally in times of uncertainty, is prominently featured on our radar. With Fibonacci extensions in effect and bullish momentum that cannot be overlooked, gold's path is aimed towards historic highs. If you've been contemplating an investment in gold, now appears to be an opportune moment to take action.

XAU/USD Technical Analysis on Apr 7 '24

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