Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on 3rd March'24

Here's a Quick Peep into the Foresights You'll Discover…

Dollar Index (DXY) Analysis:

Delve into the Dollar Index as it confronts a significant resistance level, revealed by Fibonacci retracement, standing as a formidable challenge. Witness how the dollar grapples with this barrier, alongside bearish divergence signals from the MACD lines and histogram pointing towards a potential descent. The forecast meticulously outlines expected downturn levels, offering a strategic vantage point for your trading decisions.

Dollar index technical analysis on 3rd March'24

EUR/CAD Forecast:

The video reveals a bullish panorama on EUR/CAD, charting a path of higher lows and highs on the weekly chart. A bullish breakout signals an optimistic future, especially with looming interest rate announcements from the Bank of Canada. Set your sights on the 1.5 target level and navigate through these promising waters.

EURCAD Technical Analysis on 3rd March'24

GBP/JPY Outlook:

GBP/JPY presents a complex narrative, with bullish divergences on the longer-term chart hinting at a climb to 203, contrasted by short-term bearish signals predicting a temporary retreat. This segment offers a detailed view of GBP/JPY's potential movements, guiding both short-term and long-term trading strategies.

GBPJPY Technical Analysis on 3rd March'24

NASDAQ's Bullish Trend:

Explore the bullish currents underpinning NASDAQ, as both weekly and daily analyses dismiss any bearish divergence, projecting further climbs. The forecast sets immediate targets, illuminating paths for potential gains.

NASDAQ Technical Analysis on 3rd March '24

Gold's Glittering Forecast:

Gold's allure strengthens with a bullish momentum that clings to a pivotal Fibonacci extension level. The analysis paints a golden future, pinpointing targets for the short term and advocating for purchases on pullbacks.

XAUUSD Technical Analysis on 3rd March'24

Bitcoin's Ascendancy:

Bitcoin's chart tells a story of bullish push, breaking past key Fibonacci levels with an eye on the 81,000 target. The advice is clear: seize opportunities on dips, especially within the 41,000 to 45,000 support zone.

Bitcoin / USD Technical Analysis on 3rd March'24

Nikkhil’s comprehensive video analysis not only outlines a bullish outlook across the board but also highlights critical technical levels for traders to monitor in the coming week.

As you prepare to navigate these promising opportunities in currencies, gold, and Bitcoin, remember that awareness of these levels could be pivotal.

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