Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on 28th April'24

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US Dollar Index: A Bullish Outlook Ahead

Stay tuned for the upcoming interest rate announcement in the US! How will this affect the US Dollar Index? Expect a bullish trend leading up to the announcement, but be on the lookout for potential shifts post-announcement. Is the Dollar poised to challenge its resistance levels or will it take a downturn? 

Dollar Index Technical Analysis on 28 Apr'24

CAD/JPY: Strength on the Horizon

With the Bank of Japan holding interest rates steady, the Canadian Dollar is set to strengthen against the Japanese Yen. If you are curious about how high CAD/JPY might climb, well Nikkhil explores the potential resistance levels and bullish signals on the horizon. 

CAD/JPY Technical Analysis on 28 Apr'24

EUR/NZD: Watch for Potential Downturns

Recent patterns indicate a weakening Euro against the New Zealand Dollar. EUR/NZD could potentially continue to face downward pressure, so don't miss the crucial support levels and bearish trends that could influence your trading strategy.

EUR/NZD Technical Analysis on 28 Apr'24

Gold: Navigating Short-Term Pullbacks with Long-Term Gains in Sight

Gold traders, take note. Despite potential short-term volatility following the US interest rate announcement, the long-term outlook for gold remains bullish. Discover when to buy on dips and the key levels to watch.

XAU/USD Technical Analysis on 28 Apr'24

US500 vs. NASDAQ: Capturing Comparative Strength

Looking for strategic trading opportunities? Discover which index might outperform as we compare the US500 and NASDAQ and why you should consider pair trading to capitalise on the differences between these indices. 

US500/NASDAQ Technical Analysis on 28 Apr'24

Remember, the key to successful trading is staying informed and prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead. 

We hope Nikkhil’s analysis and forecasts empower you to make strategic decisions and capitalise on market movements. 

Happy trading, and see you next week for more valuable insights!

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