Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on 1st April '24

As we welcome a new month of trading, everyone is looking forward to the eagerly awaited NFP report. This week, we are moving past the dollar index, which isn't giving us a clear picture, and jumping right into the heart of the market action. Prepare yourself for an exciting overview of what's to come with Niikhil’s detailed Weekly Forex Forecast.

Here's A Little Preview Of What's Happening In The Forex World Right Now…

EUR/CAD Market Moves

Explore the complex interplay of rising and falling trends with Nikkhil, guided by the sharp insights of technical analysis and Fibonacci forecasts. With bearish signals present in the daily chart, you're probably wondering what could unfold next…

EUR/CAD Technical Analysis on Apr 1 '24

GBP/NZD's Bullish Momentum

The GBP/NZD pair is showing strong bullish signals across different time frames. But what's driving this upward momentum? Nikkhil breaks down the patterns, pullbacks, and key levels that might dictate the next big move. Is it the right time to consider buying? This breakdown could help you decide.

GBP/NZD Technical Analysis on Apr 1 '24

NZD/CAD's Bearish Forecast

A bearish future is painted for NZD/CAD, with consecutive lower lows charting a downward course. Yet, in every trend, there exists a potential for reversal, presenting strategic trade opportunities.

NZD/CAD Technical Analysis on Apr 1 '24

Oil's Bullish Momentum

For those with an eye on the oil market, a bullish pattern continues to dominate, offering clues on the next price directions. The enduring upward momentum invites an exploration into its sustained journey.

USOIL Technical Analysis on Apr 1 '24

Gold's Steady Climb

Gold shines on as a steadfast option for traders, with its steady climb pointing upwards across all examined timeframes. From historical lows to today, the quest towards breaking new records is on. Nikkhil’s comprehensive analysis probes into whether gold might surpass the $2,300 mark…

XAUUSD Technical Analysis on Apr 1 '24

Let's approach this week with determination and an eagerness to learn and grow. 

Together, we're not just participating in the market; we're mastering it!

Here's to a week of making informed decisions, embracing challenges as opportunities, and moving steadily towards your trading goals.

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Wishing you a profitable trading week ahead!

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