Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on 18th March '24

Here's A Quick Look Into The Foresights You'll Discover…

Dollar Index: A Bearish Flag Formation

In the short term, the Dollar Index is signalling a bearish continuation, painted clearly by a bearish flag formation. While a brief bullish correction might tease the markets, the MACD indicator's flirtation with a bearish cross suggests this is merely the calm before the storm. 

Dollar Index Technical Analysis on Mar 18 '24

AUD/CHF: A Turn of the Tide

For traders eyeing the Australian Dollar against the Swiss Franc, signs of buyer exhaustion are arising. The MACD's bearish divergence signals potential danger ahead, urging a strategic retreat after a pullback. 

AUD/CHF Technical Analysis on Mar 18 '24

EUR/NZD: Catching the Bullish Breeze

The EUR/NZD is riding a bullish wind, with support developing at a critical Fibonacci level. This is an invitation to buy on the dips, targeting lofty Fibonacci extension levels for treasure beyond the horizon. Don't let this favourable wind pass…

EUR/NZD Technical Analysis on Mar 18 '24

NZD/CAD: Navigating the Bearish Strait

For NZD/CAD, a bearish pattern has surfaced, guiding traders towards a strategy of selling on rallies. With specific resistance levels in sight, the path to executing a successful sell strategy becomes clear.

NZD/CAD Technical Analysis on 18 Mar '24

Gold: The Golden Horizon

Despite gold's anticipation of a short-term dip, the overarching forecast shines with bullish potential. Nikkhil’s analysis invites traders to seize the dips, setting sights on targets substantially surpassing the present levels. Don't merely observe the shifting tides; be an orchestrator of your success.

XAUUSD Technical Analysis on 18 Mar '24

In these volatile markets, technical analysis remains our compass. From trend lines to MACD indicators, each tool is a beacon guiding us through the fog of market uncertainty. This week, as central bank announcements show up large, the opportunity for profitable trading is broad for those ready to read the signs. 

Begin this trading week with confidence, guided by Nikkhil’s comprehensive analysis. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. 

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