Forex Weekly Forecast with Technical Analysis on 14th April '24

This week, we have a lineup that promises not only to enhance your understanding but also to equip you with the tactical foresight needed to navigate the upcoming market movements.

Update on the US Economy:

The US Consumer Price Index has recently surged to 3.5% year-over-year, effectively taking immediate rate cuts off the table. You might be wondering how this will impact the USD and other currencies, especially our beloved XAU/USD?

XAUUSD Technical Analysis on pr 14 '24

What's Hot in the Currency Markets:

Nikkhil is focusing on the EUR/CHF and other major currency pairs. There’s a lot of action, from bullish divergences to key resistance levels. He’s breaking it all down with detailed chart analysis.

EUR/CHF Technical Analysis on Apr 14 '24

Trends in the Dollar:

With the USD on a bullish trend, you won’t want to miss how the other currencies are reacting. Nikkhil has all the forecasts and potential strategies to navigate these changes. Whether you’re trading EUR/CHF or assessing the impacts on GBP or CAD, his analysis covers it all.

USDCAD Technical Analysis on Apr 14 '24

Spotlight on Commodities:

It’s not just about currencies this week. US oil and gold are showing some interesting trends. Nikkhil explores the bullish signs in oil and the potential for a pullback in gold…

USOIL Technical Analysis on 14 Apr '24

As always, Nikkhil provides not just analysis but also actionable trading strategies. Whether you’re looking to buy on dips or anticipate short-term movements, he offers valuable trading information that could help you make your next profitable move.

Why not dive into the charts with Nikkhil and uncover key opportunities that could make your trading week one to remember?

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Here’s to another week filled with potential and profitability!

We’ll talk soon!

Team Moneytize